Monday, March 29, 2010


Here is a story written by Gracie:

Did you no? Sharks eat dolphins. If you dident no, now you no. And Dolphins like pepol. Did you no that? Well I new that for a long time. Did you no? If you see a dolphin laying on its back that means its not alive.

*I thought this was just too cute not to share!


Hi friends! All is well on the weight-loss front, although I can't believe how much slower it is going now. I am 2 pounds away from the 55 pound mark. Perhaps I would already be there had I not overindulged at a friends' wedding over this past weekend! (1 glass of wine, 3 lemon drop martinis and 2 mimosas, not to mention wedding cake!). Know what? I don't regret it at all! If I can't have days like that here and there, life would be no fun at all.

A few non-scale victories to share: I am now wearing a pant size that I haven't worn since high school....about 18 years ago! Also, I bought the cutest little black sweater in the regular ladies department that was a size XL, and I LOVE IT!

And while I'm at it, yesterday at the gym I ran for a total of 15 minutes. This is HUGE for me!! I was doing 1 minute intervals: walk as fast as I could for a minute, than run for a minute. I usually only do 10 minutes, but felt like I could keep going, so I did. So proud of that!

When I get discouraged about the slow weight loss, I remind myself of all the compliments I get on a daily basis about how I'm doing. It's such a motivator and keeps me going. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of myself, and I feel AMAZING! I am so glad I finally started putting my health first. I feel like a million bucks since turning to a vegetarian lifestyle, and more often than that, if I do have a day where I "binge", it's usually on something that's actually relatively healthy, but I just ate too much of it. I'm ok with that once in awhile.

I have thought alot lately about regrets and things I wish I would have done earlier in life but never did. Obviously, I can't go back for a re-do, but I am doing what I can about it now. I'm trying to look at these feelings in a positive light and use them as lessons for my children's lives. Hopefully they can learn from my mistakes, and I won't feel as discouraged about it. Maybe that is part of God's big plan for me.

Well that took a weird turn, didn't it? It's early and I haven't had all my coffee. HA! Later today I will be sharing a new recipe we tried last night : Tortilla crusted goat cheese and asparagus quiche!! SO good and only 5 points per serving. YUM!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I made the most delicious dinner last night! I can't post a picture of it in all its delicious glory because my camera may be toast. For a person that uses her camera everyday, this is not good news! Anyway, here's my "recipe"!! This is not an actual recipe, but just everything I throw in a bowl. The amounts depend on how much I'm making. You're smart, and could figure it out! We have just recently discovered the Quorn chik'n tenders, and seriously, Paco and I love it! We've used it 3 times this week!


Quorn chik'n tenders (chicken substitute, and SO good!)
low sodium black beans (rinsed)
salsa (I use chachi's key lime and garlic)
light sour cream or greek yogurt
large tortilla (I use La Tortilla factory, tomato basil)

Brown the chik'n and season with taco seasoning. Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl and spread on a tortilla. That's it! Lots of variations to could also add in corn, cilantro, onion and sprinkle in some cheese as well. This is so quick, very filling and SO delicous! Also, for my weight watcher friends, only 4 points for the whole thing (without cheese)!

On to my weigh-in. It may not LOOK very impressive, but here's the thing. After I hit the 50lb mark, I had a girl scout cookie incident (or two?), gained back about 3-4 pounds or so, and was unable to get to the gym for a few days. Now I have re-lost those 3 and an additional 2. I'm happy with that!! Hey, we all have to have our fun, right?

I went through my dresser and closet last night. Pulled out a bunch of clothes that are too big, including 6 pairs of jeans! Wow!! I also bought a cute outfit to wear to a wedding today. I will have you know that I am ONE size away from not buying plus-size jeans anymore. WOOT! That's a huge deal!


You heard me. I'm not fat enough to fit into any of these old clothes. What's a girl to do?


Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear everyone,

Today I bought a sweater in a size that I haven't worn in 14 years. I'm wearing it tomorrow to a wedding. It's just a tiny bit snug, so I may look a little slutty.

I'm good with it.


Cole and I sat down this afternoon to chat a bit....interview like. Here are his deepest thoughts about lots of things.

Me: how was your day today?
Cole: good, how was yours?
Me: a little rough, but I'm glad to be home with you! Did anything exciting happen at school today?
Cole: yes! My table got the most points for winning games, and we got to choose from the treasure chest.
Me: yay! What did you pick?
Cole: a skull ring.
Me: oh, lovely! So what is your favorite thing about Spring?
Cole: no school next week because of Spring break! I also like playing outside with my friends.
Me: what is your favorite thing about our family?
Cole: when we get family time and do things like play the wii.
Me: what's your favorite wii game?
Cole: star wars: force unleashed.
Me: Hmmm...haven't tried that one yet.  What's your favorite thing about your sister?
Cole: nothing. just kidding. I like to build tents outside with her.
Me:  what's your favorite thing about Daddy?
Cole: doing cub scouts with him. He's a den leader. We are in pack 464.
Me: what's your favorite thing about Mom?
Cole: everything
Me: good answer! So what are your thoughts
 about God?
Cole: everything is great with God!
Me: I agree! What is important to you?
Cole: having a family and being born. Oh and playing with legos.
Me: what kinds of things would you change about the world?
Cole: people should pick up litter. And the only toys in the world would be halloween toys.
Me: if you could change anything about me, what would it be?
Cole: sometimes you're too grumpy with me.
Me: I'll work on that.
Me: if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Cole: Glacier national park.
Me: Why?
Cole: it was fun camping there last time
Me: what are your favorite and least favorite foods?
Cole: my favorite is pizza. My least favorite is spaghetti.
Me: yum. I love both of those! So do you have any big plans for the weekend?
Cole: nope. just playin'. So can I ask you a question?
Me: sure, go ahead.
Cole: What is your favorite healthy food?
Me: peanut butter and banana smoothies!

This concludes our interview. For a kid that usually never stops talking, it was harder than I thought it would be to get him to answer me!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I love this post on Keelie's blog...check it out!

Oh, and by the way, be on the lookout for a new button on my sidebar this weekend...I'm almost to 55!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This post will more than likely just be a random smattering of goings-on in my world. It's been a busy week, and its only Wednesday. We have commitments every night this week. We have had conferences, scouts, ballet, yoga, daisy scouts and soccer tomorrow. I'm frantically trying to keep up on homework, housework, errands, bills, and whatever else wanders my way. I'm  we're trying to sell the last of our girl scout cookies. I have a wedding this weekend and no clothes to wear and no present to bring. My backyard is full of dog poop. Work on my basement has come to a complete standstill. I'm working on what the heck I'm going to do about childcare next week when the kids are out of school. I've had a most unpleasant health issue going on the last week (nothing to freak over). And so on and so forth. Please world, feel sorry for me.

On the weight loss front, I have been rather well behaved the last few days. I gained a few pounds back when the girl scout cookies made their way into my pantry. Those pounds are gone now. Due to the aforementioned health issue my hardcore workouts have had to be put on the backburner. All I've been doing is weight training and yoga. That frustrates me!! Hopefully by the weekend I will be back to kicking butt on the elliptical, bodypump class and the treadmill.

Paco and I have been trying out some of the Quorn products, and L.O.V.E them! So good! We've also been trying out all kinds of new philly cheesesteak lettuce cups (for Paco), and lean bean 'n cheese enchiladas (oh how we all loved them, in fact I made these two nights in a row). We also made some mean burritos with the Quorn chicken, refried beans, salsa, enchilada sauce and greek yogurt. This makes me hungry just talking about it!

A couple friends and I have signed up for a kayak trip and luau on the Little Spokane River in June. We are so excited! Kayaking has always been something I've wanted to do but never felt comfortable enough with my body to try it. Not any more!! I can't wait! For those of you wondering, we found this through Spokane parks and recreation. I've done several things through them and have loved them all! There is no end to the fun stuff they offer. Here's what our kayaks look like:
I am relatively certain that this butt will fit in that kayak. I will be bringing a disposable waterproof camera for when both my friends fall out of their kayaks so I can get a great action photo. HA!

My sister and her boyfriend (who is also known to me as the-cool-rockstar-brother-I-always-wanted-but-never- had) are leaving this Friday for Europe. Oh, AND today was her last day at her job and after a couple months off she is opening her own yoga studio. Luckily enough I am not a petty small person who would be insanely jealous!Nope. I'm better than that.

Who am I kidding?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Some of you remember that when I won the Biggest loser contest at work (and $350.00!) my plan was to earmark that money for new clothes from Old Navy. I transferred the money to a seperate account and had been waiting until I simply HAD to buy new clothes because everything was falling off me. Then, a week or so ago, when I hit the 50 lb mark, my very thoughtful mother in law gave me a $50 Old Navy giftcard attached to a congratulations balloon! Yes, she is such a thoughtful and wonderful person!

You may be wondering, why Old Navy? Well, I've always loved their clothes but could never squeeze comfortably into the clothes in their stores. Sure, I've ordered some stuff online in their plus-size section, but it's just not the same, you know?

Yesterday, as I enjoyed a kid-free day (thank you Bubba, it was divine!), off I went to Old Navy. Imagine the thrill when I fit into everything I wanted! I also didn't have to buy the biggest size they had (XXL), everything I got is an XL. My biggest thrill was fitting into a pair of jeans. YES! Jeans from OLD NAVY fit over my big ole' butt! I had to stop dead in my tracks,( in the dressing room nonetheless) and text Amanda with my good news. Oh, and THEN, I went out to my car and cried about it. And texted my husband and my sister.  If you've never been the fat girl you probably wouldn't know what that moment felt like for me.
 Here are a few of the things I DID buy though. The gray T-shirt is the MOST comfy shirt ever! I'm going back today to buy several more sizes! I bought two of the skirts, one gray and one black. The jeans are the actual jeans I fit into!! (obviously a bigger size than the photo..ha!) The yellow t-shirt is so cute! Mine is actually green, and I bought a few different designs.

I didn't buy the jeans (because I don't need them yet), but that's not the point, is it?! I went directly to the gym afterwards to continue towards working my way down to a size L. Go Me!

*on a side note, I am sticking true to my "stay away from the scale" resolution. Next weigh in will be on Friday, and every Friday from there on out. Weigh in's only once a week!

Friday, March 19, 2010


The other day Gracie ran into the slide playing at school. She never has been very graceful, but makes up for it with charm and overall cute factor!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I recently checked a couple of  Hungry Girl cookbooks out from the library. I'll be buying used copies off Amazon because I LOVE THEM! Amazing, yummy, "this-doesn't-taste-like-healthy-food" kind of thing.
Last night I handed one to Paco with a handful of sticky notes and asked him to pick some recipes he'd like to try, then we all went to the store after I finished at the gym. He picked some great recipes, and most of them are meat free (or easily modified)! He's ever so thoughtful. Dare I say he's even jumped on board (ok, halfway on board) with the vegetarian eating. Last night at the store he picked out several new meat-free products to try!! WOOT!

Here's just a handful of the recipes we are trying out in the next several days: four cheese stuffed-silly mushrooms, lean bean 'n cheese enchiladas, blt salad wrap, spicy tortilla pizza mexicali, san diego baja-style fish tacos.

Sounds like yummy stuff, no?


Oh my heavens. Whatever led me to believe that I would not get sore from that bodypump class? My legs are screaming. Big time. It's a good thing though. It's funny because I would have thought my arms would be what was sore, but they're fine!

If that weren't bad enough, I'm also having hip and sciatica pain, apparently from running. Wonderful friend Amanda shared some info on strengthening those areas. Fabulous! AND, for the trifecta...I pinched a nerve in my neck Tuesday evening. (unrelated to bodypump class).

Bring on the ibuprofen, it's gonna be a long day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amanda and I went to Slick Rock burrito for lunch today. We both had the veggie thai on spinach. It also just happened to fit into the whole St. Patrick's Day theme. Soooooo good! I'm making my own version of this at home this weekend!

Oh, and can you count just how many shades of green there are in this picture?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Tonight, Chad (our yoga instructor) was sick, so we found ourselves lured into the BODYPUMP class. Basically, this is a weight/strength training class, set to really loud music and led by an insanely enthusiastic husband/wife team. Everyone has a bar, and you add weights to it according to your level. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The beginning part of the class was awfully easy, but after I added on some weight it was much more challenging. I'll definately be feeling it tomorrow!! Tomorrow night I'm doing the spin class with a couple friends. Because I enjoy torturing myself. I'm just like that. Right Amanda?

As I was chatting with Millie, (one of the instructors) after the class, she mentioned that she was a personal trainer. I asked for her advice regarding these weight loss plateaus that I've been hitting. She said I will burn way more fat with strength training than all the cardio I've been doing. Her strategy for me was this: do the bodypump class 3x a week, and follow those classes with 30 minutes of cardio. I'll give this a try for awhile and see if it makes a difference. She also mentioned to make sure that as you lose weight, you're eating less.  With weight watchers, your daily points decrease with your weight, so I know this area is still right on track.

I've vowed to spend a few weeks avoiding the scale. I've started feeling hostage to it!! Hope all my HYC friends are doing well and making progress!

P.S. Check out these great BODYPUMP success stories!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Curse you, girl scout cookies. Why must you be so delicious?

So close, yet so very (I.E...I'm making my husband hide them) far away.


What can I say, these kids take after their Mama!! Check out Cole's blog HERE, and Gracie's blog HERE!


Here are a couple videos from the Pinewood Derby. One is of Cole receiving his trophy, and the other is a race where his car came in first place. For the life of me I cannot get the second video to turn around on the screen...sorry!


We had a blast yesterday at Pack 464's Pinewood Derby. We brought Sean and Carollynn along for fun, and all the kids enjoyed themselves. Cole's derby car won the "Best Design" trophy! What a proud mom and dad moment! Paco and Cole worked hard on their cars, and most of the Dads were up awfully late Friday night (or early Saturday morning?)  putting the finishing touches and meeting weight requirements on the cars. Paco was at the store at midnight weighing his car on the postal scale. HA! Gracie got to race Daddy's yellow and red car in 
the open division as well.