Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer news

Ahhhh, the summer weather has finally arrived! The kids and I enjoyed the 4th of July weekend with friends at the beach. Ice cold water for swimming, adult beverages and visiting with friends made for an awesome weekend! Oh, it also made for some nasty sunburns on the grown-ups. Ha!

My garden is coming along fabulously! See? It's been a bumper crop of radishes...

 TONS of strawberries....
 and plenty of spinach and swiss chard for salads!
My tomato plants are huge, raspberries are ripening (slowly!) and I've got blueberries for the first year. My chives are out of control, and we're still waiting on the cukes, carrots, beans and peas. Oh how I love summer food!

On a discouraging note, the slugs have been feasting their way through everything. We have been putting out beer traps and arming Cole with a bottle of salt each evening trying to get them under control. Grrr!

Late next week the kiddos and I are heading up to the cabin with my friend Amanda. SO EXCITED to get away for 5 days! Not only for some R&R and time with the kids, but also to catch up with Amanda since we don't get to spend every day together at work anymore.  Bring on the mountains, lounging poolside, bbq'ing and exploring Mt. Rainier!

Time to get a few things done before my father in law's 60th birthday outdoor bash today! There will be karaoke...this could get interesting. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July fun

Paco was working all of 4th of July weekend, so the kiddos and I headed to Blackwell Island where some friends were camping. So fun!

 that water was COLD.
 My throne for the day...
 Look at these guys swim!
 Pay no mind to the ill-fitting shorts...haha!

On the 4th we went to a family bbq and then out to Liberty Lake for the fireworks show!! We did miss having our big 4th of July bash at our house, but we just couldnt' pull it off this year with so many other things going on. Maybe next year! Hope everyone had a great holiday!