Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! If you don't have a Valentine, be your own and treat yourself!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Go #5!!

I have NOT been on my best behavior these days when it comes to my weight loss. Last summer I hit the 70lb weight loss mark, and have been struggling to budge from there since. I gain 8 pounds, then lose it, then get confident and sabotage myself all over again. How do I get back into that "groove" I was in? Working out 5 days a week, impeccable on my eating, drinking plenty of water? Hmmmm. I'm having a hard time getting back into that mindset. I've got 60 pounds left to go and I want to just get it done!

On to other things. Work has been great. I'm really busy, but great nonetheless. I have tons of help, which allows me to get to the little things and fine tune everythign. The people are wonderful...I see lots of new friendships. This is something I've been missing since I transferred to the new location. I have really been missing a handful of people from my old work. It takes a long time to form those kinds of bonds, and talking on the phone or texting just isn't the same. Overall, I know that God knew the desires of my heart and led me here for a reason. Most days I actually am anxious to get to work, and the days just always go by too fast!!

We are having some work done around the house.  Sheetrock, electrical work, new lighting, etc. Still trying to get the family room finished downstairs. We are also carpeting 3 of the bedrooms. Unfortunately we really wanted to re-carpet the family room, but money is tight and that will have to wait a few months. The total carpet bid came back at 5k!! Yikes! Everything turns out to be so much more expensive than you think it will be!

We started going to a new church a few weeks ago. We loved our old one but it was just TOO big and far away. With that many people, its difficult to make connections if you aren't in a small group. So, we are really enjoying Eastpoint, and we have friends that go there as well which always makes it more fun. It's very contemporary and "hip", which makes it feel not like "church" at all. Our kiddos love it too! The kids and I have started doing devotionals every evening, and if I forget about it they always remind me. I've noticed a difference already in our family after getting back into our church routine. Im going into work tomorrow and am so dissapointed to miss it. Luckily, we can watch the service on podcast on our TV, so we can still do church from home!

What a bunch of babbling. I'll forgive you if you scroll down and don't read all of it. HA!! Happy Saturday to all!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tonight I dropped Gracie off at basketball practice and am currently camped out in Starbucks with my laptop and a coffee. Coffee at 7pm....could prove to be a bad decision, but I don't care. It's quiet and I'm relaxed.
Life has been a blur the past several months. We moved my mom and grandmother out of their place and are struggling to sell it now. My Grandmother is living in a nursing home and my Mom is living with us. We have all been adapting to our new "normal".

 I started a new job last month. Actually, same job, just a new location...and I love it. Everyone is really nice and I've got plenty of projects planned to keep myself busy. This change has really renewed my passion for my work and has me excited to get to work again. It's a great feeling. It just all feels so much easier now...I wish I had made this change years ago when I started to feel the job wearing on me. Sometimes it really does feel like things all work out for a reason.

Well, my free time is up, better go get my girl!!