Saturday, November 19, 2011


It's 5:30 am on Saturday morning. I love the peace of the early morning. I am much more of a morning person than a night owl, and it's not unusual for me to be up by this time on my days off of work. This morning is no different, as I sip peppermint mocha coffee, poke around on the laptop and snuggle with Oscar on the couch. I confess I'm guilty of putting his blanket in the dryer so he could be warm and snuggly. 'Cause he loves that sort of thing.

We had a visitor in our bed all night....Gracie. Also known as the biggest bed hog EVER. Seriously. These days she is sporting a cute new short 'do. That girl is such a daredevil. She would have went shorter but I stopped her, fearful of the inevitable "haircut disaster". Cole on the other hand, stands his ground and refuses to have his haircut. Every day a little piece of my heart breaks away. HaHa. Paco says I have to choose my battles, and in the grand scheme of things I'll have to agree to let this one go for now. Here's the little miss:
We have been leading our cub scout pack in a service project building "Hunger Bags" that go to the food bank. So far we have built 550 bags, and are doing more tomorrow. We also participated in another local food drive, in which we were able to donate an entire pickup truck FULL of donated food. Awesome!

My friend Barb and I went to a Women's event this past week and listended to Abby Rike speak. She was a contestant on the "Biggest Loser", who lost her husband, 5 1/2 year old, and 2 week old in a terrible car accident. Her story is amazing. It helped me put my own life into perspective. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately.Just have had some tough stuff going on.  I wish I was better at not looking at the "big picture" and just taking the small steps every day. Sigh. I continuously have to re-correct my thinking and remind myself of the things that matter.

 I wonder if this blog post will make any sense because it seems like I'm blathering. Oh well. Think I'll just click publish at the end and not look back. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm on day 3 of a 4 day weekend. It's been divine. I've done some relaxing but am also tackling some daunting projects that have been hovering over me. Case in point:

Cole's room.

I wish I could play some really dreadful and haunting music right now to make this moment more theatrical. What IS it about boys and the mess they create? We moved Cole to the huge downstairs bedroom early this summer simply to remove his mess from the upstairs...haha. Now, it seems as though it just spreads out of his room into the family room, up the stairs, and back up into the dining room. Long story short, I made huge progress. Cleaned out the closet, got rid of a ton of outgrown clothes, set up his new bedframe, bought new bedding, and got him settled back in. We've still got some cosmetic work to do, as we tore out the moulding and closet doors when we remodeled/recarpeted. Cole still wants to paint it a "cool" color. All in good time. I've got some big painting projects on deck for winter. (kitchen, living room ceiling, Cole's room) While I was at it I cleaned out our family room, and still managed to find time to sit down with my hubby and watch "Bridesmaids". (Note: HILARIOUS, but certainly an "after the kids go to bed" flick).

Today I'm tackling the storage room. If you don't hear from me, send help.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

lazy summer days

I have always been a busybody. Moving on from one thing to another, rarely taking breaks or spending much time relaxing. I've just always felt that I need to be serving a purpose at all times. If I'm not at work, I'm working at home. I really struggle with dissaray and disorder. This is not a good thing when you have children. I have wrestled with this for the past 9+ years of motherhood. I know I need to let things go, but its so hard for someone like me to do.

But I've been working on it.

This summer, I've really tried to put things in perspective. Yes, there are plenty of weeds that need pulling. carpets that need cleaning. Papers waiting to be sorted and filed. Projects abandoned. A storage room that turned into a dumping ground during the remodel. And so on....and on....and on. You know the drill.

Instead of obsessing about it, (well, ok I still do), I am focusing on a bit more relaxing and fun time with my family. Lounging at the beach with my kiddos and friends. Going to splash pads. Sleeping in a bit later. Coffee with girlfriends. Kayaking, luau-ing, wine tasting. Floating in the pool. Camping. Baseball games with our scout friends. Visiting with my husband. Reconnecting and healing old wounds. It's so unlike me to give myself so much downtime. And guess what?

It's pretty damn nice.

Friday, August 19, 2011

kayak and wine tasting

Last night we spent the evening with our friends Steve and Barb on a kayak and wine tour. It was a warm, beautiful night!

Ready to get in the water! This was Paco's first time kayaking..

Steve and Barb...they were naturals!
 Barb and I, enjoying some wine...
 A beautiful evening paddle!
 Paco and I...notice I spent alot of time making him do the hard work while I took pictures...
Another great adventure!

Monday, August 15, 2011

It was an early morning for me today, with lots of kisses and snuggles from Oscar, who was very eager for me to get out of bed (and feed him). So now the two of us are sitting on the couch, with one of us buried down under the blanket. Dachshunds are so funny about this. He loves nothing more than sleeping under a pile of blankets or pillow.

Have I mentioned we're smitten with this guy? He's been a perfect fit in every way for us, and has helped fill the sad void left when we lost Jake a few months ago.

Yesterday was a great day of kayaking on the Little Spokane river. Beautiful weather and a rowdy group of folks. One guy in particular was an obnoxious drunk, but we managed to stay ahead of him most of the trip (mainly because he kept falling out of his kayak. HA).

Ginni and I ready to hit the water!

Beware: hat hair...
 The view from my perspective..
part of our group...there were 13 of us.
Us girls...
 Luau time!!
See what I mean? Lots-o-fun. Hooray!

On a completely unrelated note...I'll be posting tonight or tomorrow about how my weight loss is (or isn't?) going. That used to pretty much be the focus of my blog, but I seem to have veered away from it. The good news is I'm getting back on track and it's time to finish the job!

Really! Pinky swear!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

business of summer

It has been a busy, great summer. Lots of water, sun and relaxation. By nature I'm not much of a "relaxer", but have done a good share of it this summer. Time at the cabin, camping, relaxing on the deck, watching the kids play and conversation with friends. Have I mentioned my friends ROCK? A group of us are heading to a women's retreat at Camp Sweyolakan in 26 short days. Not that I'm counting. Last year there was only 4 of us, this year there will be 9.

I am SO excited about it, because I'll be doing this...

 and THIS....
 Oh, and lets not forget THIS!!
 and I'll end my evenings with my girlfriends sitting HERE...

and then I'll cozy up and go to sleep HERE...

 and the next day I'll look rested and happy like THIS....
 Ahhhhh...I can feel the breeze now...

Today my friend Ginni and I are heading out on a kayak and luau adventure. Sadly, my steady kayaking partner Amanda couldn't make it, which makes us both sad, sad, sad.


We will make up for it tomorrow when we take our kiddos and dogs to the park/beach. Then, on Thursday our friends Barb and Steve will be joining Paco and I on a late evening kayak and wine tour. I'm so excited we got the boys in on the action! I don't know who came up with the idea of wine and kayaking mixed, but I love them. A whole lot.

and that's all.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Meet the newest member of our family, Oscar.

We are all very smitten.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer news

Ahhhh, the summer weather has finally arrived! The kids and I enjoyed the 4th of July weekend with friends at the beach. Ice cold water for swimming, adult beverages and visiting with friends made for an awesome weekend! Oh, it also made for some nasty sunburns on the grown-ups. Ha!

My garden is coming along fabulously! See? It's been a bumper crop of radishes...

 TONS of strawberries....
 and plenty of spinach and swiss chard for salads!
My tomato plants are huge, raspberries are ripening (slowly!) and I've got blueberries for the first year. My chives are out of control, and we're still waiting on the cukes, carrots, beans and peas. Oh how I love summer food!

On a discouraging note, the slugs have been feasting their way through everything. We have been putting out beer traps and arming Cole with a bottle of salt each evening trying to get them under control. Grrr!

Late next week the kiddos and I are heading up to the cabin with my friend Amanda. SO EXCITED to get away for 5 days! Not only for some R&R and time with the kids, but also to catch up with Amanda since we don't get to spend every day together at work anymore.  Bring on the mountains, lounging poolside, bbq'ing and exploring Mt. Rainier!

Time to get a few things done before my father in law's 60th birthday outdoor bash today! There will be karaoke...this could get interesting. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July fun

Paco was working all of 4th of July weekend, so the kiddos and I headed to Blackwell Island where some friends were camping. So fun!

 that water was COLD.
 My throne for the day...
 Look at these guys swim!
 Pay no mind to the ill-fitting shorts...haha!

On the 4th we went to a family bbq and then out to Liberty Lake for the fireworks show!! We did miss having our big 4th of July bash at our house, but we just couldnt' pull it off this year with so many other things going on. Maybe next year! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've got worms.

I've always been interesting in Vermicomposting, also known as worm farming, or worm composting. I do have a traditional compost bin outside, but I thought it would be fun to try this out as well. So, I thought it might make for a fun science experiment with the kids. Gracie really gets into the composting with me, and both my kids know what should go in our compost crock on the kitchen counter and who's turn it is to take it out to the big bin,. However, yesterday the kids had "outdoor-playtime-with-their-friends" on the brain, and I was left to create my new worm condo on my own.

Step 1: Find yourself a suitable container for your new best friends. (Recycle!). An old Rubbermaid storage tote will work just fine. Just dump your husband's stuff out of it and head on your merry way...ummm..I mean..look around for an unused tote and repurpose it. Then, find an oh-so-cute kid who wants to help you drill some holes before she ditches you for the neighbor kids. Like this one:
 Step 2: add strips of newspaper, shredded eggshell cartons, cardboard bits and a bit of finished compost or aged manure into your worm bin. Throw in a handful of crushed eggshells too. This will help your little buddies with any digestion issues. Also, they don't have teeth so the eggshells help them "grind" their food.
 Using a squirt bottle, completely moisten the contents of your bin. Those worms must stay hydrated! While you're at it, mix yourself up a margarita, errr, glass of water as well!
 Step 3: get your little friends settled into their new digs. Unfortunately, those wonderful guys at White Elephant only had a few red wigglers, and I wiped them out, so I am about 928 worms short. That's right, you need 1000 of these guys to start out your bin. That's about a pound. I started with what I had and a friend of mine hooked me up with a "worm guy" so I can get my fellas some roommates.

Step 4: give them a little food. The books say to wait a few days until they get settled in, but I've never been known for my patience. I got my worm cuisine from here:
This is our crock that we put all our appropriate compostable food scraps into. There's all sorts of things to choose from. Just ask my son Cole, who has been known to dig his Dad's banana peels out of the garbage and put them in their rightful place!

I fed my worms some coffee grounds, chopped apples and banana peels. I only need to feed them a couple times a week, and keep things dark and moist. They do all the work!
 Finally, I soaked a piece of cardboard and put it over the top, and then put the lid back on the tote. Then, I set this tote inside another one, so I can catch all the ooey-gooey liquid and stuff that will seep out the bottom. That stuff is GOLD, I tell ya! Amazing for your houseplants and flowers.
What's my next step? Well, these little red wigglers are voracious eaters and will turn all my kitchen scraps into beautiful, wonderful smelling, totally amazing...POOP! The official word is worm castings, but lets call it like it is. It's poo. They will turn all of those nutrient rich vegetable and fruit scraps into nutrient rich compost, which will greatly benefit my fruit and veggie garden, along with my plants and flowers. At the same time, they will grow nice and fat, and double in population within about 90 days. This means that some of my favorite friends may be getting themselves some big fat fishing worms! 

So, that's what I've been upto. A little weird? Some people think so, but I just think it's plain fun!