Friday, June 25, 2010

Ballet recital

Gracie had her first ever ballet recital last weekend. It was titled "Shipwrecked" and was an amazing production! Gracie was a "fish", and did a beautiful job...she was adorable! The show was over 3 hours long. Can you say LONG? Still, it was a great memory!
A photo with Grammy
A kiss from Daddy....
Gracie and Mommy...
Lesley (also known as Bubba) and Gracie...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


and don't they look thrilled?

Lemonade anyone?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kayak adventure

Amanda, Sara and I took our kayak adventure today. The trip started out rough, as it was pouring down rain. We put on our rain ponchos and best rain gear and braved the weather anyway...
No, I didn't actually wear this...but I do look cute in it dontcha think?

Here's Amanda...who at this moment was VERY glad that Denise stopped and picked up ponchos!!

Here I am in my kayak...I loved it!
Amanda...looking like a pro.
Sara, Amanda and I...
       Tons of beautiful scenery...
Throughout the second half of the trip I commented that I seemed to be "sinking"...and my kayak was filling with water. Amanda and I steered our kayaks off to the side and I attempted to climb out of mine onto the shoreline. I DID get out of the kayak but not without getting completely drenched from the waist down. I tried to tip the kayak to the side to drain some water out...and then promptly let my kayak drift away. Amanda did her best to hang onto both oars, and steer my kayak back to me...upstream. It was quite a sight. I paddled a bit longer and realized I still had a problem, so I steered back to the shoreline again. And got drenched...again. Then we saw a young moose!! It would have been fascinating to watch if I weren't so concerned with A) my sinking ship and B) the fact that I didn't know where the mama moose was.

You may be wondering where Ron, our trusty tour guide was when all this was taking place. He was
actually, he was much farther than that. We were wondering if he was coming back for us or not. Finally, he reappeared and switched kayaks with me. He drained about 10 gallons of water out of the hull of my kayak! Next time I'll try not to pick the kayak with the HOLE IN IT. No wonder I was sinking. Oh well, at least Amanda has plenty of stories to share at work tomorrow at my expense!!

                             At the end of our trip, we had a catered luau dinner waiting for us. Sooooo good!

festive decor....

So, Amanda....when's our next adventure?

More campout stuff

Finally...I have time to blog! What a hectic week, but now all the kids' activities are over for the summer and maybe I can relax a bit!

The cub scout family campout was great! There were about 45 of us, and it was just a great time spent together. The boys earned belt loops for their uniform doing things like: swimming, biking, map/compass, and playing disc golf. Every evening the whole group came to our campsite and participated in skits, stories, roasting marshmallows and so on. During the days the boys (and sisters!) spent the day playing, exploring and having fun with the walkie talkies. We took a little hike to the friendship poles, which were put up during the 1973 national boy scout jamboree. These were really cool!

Our pack flag that Paco and his mom sewed together. We had the boys decorate this one afternoon at the campsite, and will take it to all our scouting events.
The friendship, huh?!
They say "For Friendship" in several different languages.
A little deeper into the woods are the "12 laws of boy scouting" poles. (that may not be the official name, but I can't remember)

The boys walked down to the old stage area from the 1973 Jamboree. Here's Paco chasing the boys down the hill to the old stage area. The look on the boys' faces when they saw him coming was great! Once they got down there Cole led everyone in his trademark "Denner dance" moves.  Even Paco joined in...that was hysterical!
I've got lots more photos, but don't want to post them without permission from the other parents. We are already looking forward to the fun we will have next summer at family camp-out!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cub Scout family campout, Farragut state park

I've been wanting to share these all week but have been so busy! I'll be sharing more tomorrow, but as you can  see we had alot of fun! Here's the Sutton family's campsite...Mr. Sutton is the master at setting up a great camp.