Monday, August 31, 2009


Aside from hiking, biking and exploring...our favorite thing to do at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin is swim!!
Sisterly love....Followed by brotherly love...Perfecting her backfloat...Cannonball...
I love this one of Cole!If that weren't enough, after that we hit the hot tub...!

If only these kids knew how to relax and have a little fun.


After a very late start getting out of town (can you say almost 2 hours late?), the kids and I hit the road. The trip over was great...and with the help of a couple Magic Treehouse audiobooks and a DVD, completely smooth sailing. I have to give the kids credit...they travel alot and are great with it. We spent Thursday evening with Grandma and Grandpa, and my sister and her boyfriend arrived on Friday. Friday evening we walked down to the river to do some exploring. We found some Steelhead Trout (possibly) about 2 feet long, that were landlocked and trying to swim back into the river. Kelly and I were prepared to run back to the cabin, grab a net, and get us some grub!! Dad spoiled our fun and said was getting dark and no one had a fishing licence. I hate it when Dad pulls rank. HA! So, being the good and obedient sneaky and coniving daughters that we are, we schemed to get up early the next morning and get our fish. Unfortunately, they were gone by the time we got back! We searched and searched for more fish, but, alas, we were dissapointed.

Cole was our main accomplice. DRAT! No fish...Cole and Auntie...My pretty little lady...Cole making his way across the log...Brian and Kelly...Mom and Cole..Only one of us was smart enough not to get her feet wet. Can you guess who that is? She got at least one person to carry her across the water...actually make that two people...Wouldn't they make cute parents? They should take the kids for a few weeks....because who wouldn't adore THESE two? Exploring...
Wading...Looking kinda hunky...always the lady...It was a great morning of exploring...even without "the ones that got away". Regardless, it was a great weekend with family. I'll always remember long talks, heart to hearts, "arguing" with Brian, Sandy's fresh peach smoothies and peach pie with french vanilla ice cream. It was another weekend full of memories!


As we prepared to head up Mt. Rainier to Paradise for some hiking on Sunday, Gracie got dibs on a sweet ride with Grandpa in his convertible... Here they are in their (almost) matching hats...and here she is all conked out. This girl can sleep through anything!Next it was Cole's turn for his ride, and was he ever feeling like a hotshot... Until the carsickness kicked in. We spent most of the rest of the trip down the mountain pulling over and switching cars. Ha!
Next was Auntie Kelly...she's a MG pro.
Here's Brian (Kelly's boyfriend, and my verbal sparring partner) showing Cole some of his best moves... Brian, Kelly, Cole and I took off for the waterfall hike while Grandpa, Grandma and Gracie checked out the visitor's center. Too bad we didn't find much in the way of waterfalls.

But boy did we find scenery!