Monday, September 27, 2010

Love these bags!

A few years ago, I was invited to a Miche purse party, but wasn't able to attend. Now I see what all the fuss is about!! Oh how I LOVE them!! You get one bag, and choose from tons of extra "shells" (covers) that magnetically attach on to change the look of your bag in seconds! I HAD to have a party and look at the damage I've already done....(all pictures from the Miche website).

My smaller shells:

and my big bags....oh I LOVE these big bags!!!

and they even have MINI Miche' I could get Gracie a purse to match mine and we could be super-Matchy. And then I could borrow it from her. Ha! What a great idea....I'm SO glad I met my friend Becky who sells these. Of course I'm glad I met her anyway, but the fact that she sells sweet purses is simply a bonus!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ropes course and ziplining

WOW!! Before I lost all this weight I never would have had the courage to climb up into the trees for a ropes course and ziplining. IT ROCKED!!

The rope ladder....the only way up to the ropes course. Tougher than it looks!
Harnessing up. Super comfy. NOT. Also a little awkward! HA!
Up, up, up I go!
They call this the "leap of faith". Took me a few minutes to work up the courage to jump, but I made it!
This was the toughest part of the whole course. My legs were shaking SO bad that I couldn't keep my balance.
                                                                             rope bridge
making my way to the zipline platform. We all took a few minutes to make this jump. There's something horrifying about jumping off a platform this high in the air! It was AMAZING FUN!
Ziplining...check!! What's my next adventure?

Women's retreat

Okay, so the women's retreat was actually a couple weeks ago, but I'm a bit behind on life in general. It was a wonderful, relaxing girls' weekend that we plan on making a tradition. Lots of visiting, coffee, food, knitting, kayaking, archery, an evening of bunco, favorite....a ropes course and ziplining!

This became our fav place to sit and relax...
Home sweet home...Silver Spur cabin in the Corral was especially great due to the brand new fancy bathrooms!
My bed. Seriously.
Okay, a little better after my housewarming. I actually slept fantastic on this bed!
This area is exactly like I remember it as a girl...
Good ole' Camp Sweyolakan
Amanda, Louisa and I.
I don't remember a coffee bar being here when I was little? SWEET.
Jenni kicking back
Louisa soaking up the rays
Time for our archery lesson
Well done, girls!
My view of camp
We did ALOT of hiking! Just getting from our cabin to the lodge was a major hike. Great for the muscles though!
Ahhh...the bluebird camp brings back wonderful memories. This was where I stayed when I was little!

Happy campers!
Modeling the hat Amanda is knitting for me. Looks like it's gonna need to be just a bit longer!
hitching a free ride from Louisa. Seriously, I DID offer to row!
The meals were amazing! This was our farewell lunch.
Can't wait for next year!!!