Saturday, January 7, 2012 and fashion

Having a tough time getting-going this morning. That's unusual for me because ordinarily I hit the ground running. Any-hoo, I've been poking around the web looking for some new healthy recipes, and I discovered Skinnytaste.  LOVE IT! I've found my biggest weight loss challenge of all is just being prepared. Having the healthy foods available when the hunger pangs strike.Today I'm hoping to do a little freezer cooking so we have some meals for later in the week. Tonight's pick?
Stuffed cabbage casserole. Wow, this looks SO good! I plan on using ground turkey instead of beef, and I'm going to *try* to make this half with turkey (for the fam), and the other half without (for me). This has received good reviews, so I'm feeling optimistic.

I'm also making a huge batch of Garden vegetable soup. If you've ever done WW, you know about this soup. It's zero points and makes a great filler when you've used all your points on potato chips, errrr, bad choices.

On another note: I cannot wait until I can wear something like:

THIS (without all my fat popping out)
and THIS: you know, when I'm RUNNING.
and, ultimately, something along these lines: underneath this fat girl is a girl dying to wear dresses and look GOOD!

and then there are my Lulemon  yoga pants that my sweet sister generously bought me when I was in Virginia a year ago. At that point, when I tried them on (size 12!), they were tight, but they were ON! (not enough to be seen in public yet..hehe). Now, they serve as my inspiration to get my butt in gear!

I want to lose this weight for the health benefits, of course. But fashion is a  *very* close second :)

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