Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bucket List (as pertaining to weight loss)

I present to you my "bucket list" of things I want to do after I lose the weight and get fit!

*Run a 5k (or longer?)
I already have two friends who have committed to doing this with me this coming fall. I figure I should be at least 50lbs lighter by then.

*Complete a mini triathalon
There is one coming up this August in my friend Jenni is doing it and is trying to convince me...not sure I'll be ready by then?

*Bungee jump
because, darn it, that looks FUN!

*Parasailing with Gracie (because neither of my boys ever would)
yes, I'm sure I could do this now, but i don't even want to THINK that my weight would be an issue when we go.

*Jump out of a plane
If I'm gonna be strapped to a (hopefully) hot guy, I don't want any extra jiggle on me.

*Now, I've done this twice before (on a small scale), but I'd like to do it when I don't look like THIS after being cinched up in the harness:
*Go on a celebration trip with my husband
You know, cause he'll be fit too, and we'll look hot together.

*Wear my hot dress
Duh. on my hot trip. with my hot husband.

1 comment:

  1. You are not only a beautiful person inside & out, but also an inspiration! I have never been a runner, but am now debating on it. If I get serious enough, I may join you on the 5k.
    Keep up the good work!