Friday, January 13, 2012

Remember my last post, when I was going on (and on) about french fries and how many WW points can be wasted away on them?

Well, guess who just used up half of her weekly flex-points on cheetos? Um, yeah. Now, the good news is, I had the flexpoints to use. I just usually try not to use them so I will lose faster. However, today I had a moment of weakness and allowed myself a handful. Which turned into half a bag. (Note to self: Gotta get those impulsive tendencies under control)!  You know what though? I don't regret it. I've been eating clean for two weeks and they were totally worth the splurge. So, for the week I am still right on track with flexpoints and loads of activity points never used.

Speaking of activity appears I'll be earning less of those for awhile. I'm stuck with an aircast on my left foot until the 25th when I see a specialist. Turns out I don't have a stress fracture, but instead numerous bone spurrs and some damaged tendons and ligiments. Dang. Hopefully this won't require surgery, and I will continue onto my path to my 5k!! I'm so determined! Meanwhile, I will be doing loads of swimming and upper body strength training.I will miss my spinning though :(

On another interesting note, our scale has developed a mind of its own. Last Sunday when I weighed in, it gave me three different numbers each time I stepped on it. My first and last weight were 5lbs apart. Hmmm. Time for a new scale perhaps? This morning the same thing happened. Gonna try fresh batteries tomorrow and if that doesn't work it will be off to the store for me.

Here's today's menu:

  • vanilla greek yogurt
  • peanut butter, banana and flaxseed pita sandwich
  • coffee with creamer
  • black bean, corn and "chicken" burrito
  • blueberry greek yogurt
  • parfait cup
  • cheetos, cheetos, and ummm, more cheetos
  • sugar free jello w/fat free cool whip (yum-o!)
  • garden vegetable soup
  • orange
I've noticed what getting back to a healthy lifestyle has done for my mood overall. I feel  more optimistic about so many things, and not quite so overwhelmed by the things that usually just drive me crazy. Weight loss really is as much about changing your mentality along with your habits. Let's face it: junk food (cheetos, anyone?), may make you "happy" for a few moments, but then it just brings you down (and leaves some extra fat on your belly). Fruits and veggies are so much kinder :)

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