Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The one in which I want fries. Lots of fries.

Took a day off from the gym this morning. Frankly, I was up too late, didn't sleep well, and had a few choices words for the alarm when it went off at 4:20 am. I found that I really noticed the difference in not going. I missed that surge of energy and buzz you have all day from working out first thing in the morning. Oh, I noticed something else too...

I'm hungry. Been hungry all darn day. Plenty o' hunger. I had a pb&b (peanut butter and banana) smoothie for breakfast, along with a hard boiled egg. By the time 11:45am rolled around, I was starving. Lunch was garden veggie soup, spinach salad, cottage cheese and 2 delight yogurt cups. I had a snack of V8 juice and a fiber one bar. Dinner will be black bean and corn veggie wraps. All tasty meals, but this is the first day in a week and a half that I've actually really been HUNGRY and had a craving.

Enter the french fries. No, I didn't have any. But I WANTED them. I fantasized about them and considered walking into a fast food joint just so I could smell them and maybe find one that was cast aside by a 3 year old (pathetic!) Fries are my all time favorite food. I've always loved them. Yes I know they're amazingly unhealthy, and expensive, "points wise". 10 points for a medium fry. WHOA! That's over 1/3 of my daily points allowed. Crazy! This brings me to why I like Weight Watchers: you can have those foods, but you have to account for it. So, yes, I can have my fries, but have to skimp on the rest of my day. Is it worth it? Nah. I would rather make better choices and eat more! Granted, there are those weekly 35 flexpoints I could draw from, but I prefer not to use those. You know, since my husband and I have this contest going and I plan on whoopin' him.

By the way, if you were to go to the average fast food joint and have a quarter pounder (12pts), large fries (11.5), and a large coke (6.5), that would be a grand total of 30 points. For ONE meal. Under the weight watcher plan, I am allowed 30 points for an entire day. WOW. That puts things into perspective.

Suddenly, french fries don't sound so appealing :)


  1. Yeah it's pretty sobering when you do the math. Good job on sticking to your guns. Hope you have a great workout to jump start your day tomorrow!

  2. I agree! They are not worth it. I had 2 chocolate chip cookies last weekend and counted the calories in but decided after that was not something I enjoyed doing enough to run an extra 30 minutes for. Hope you got a great workout in today!